Google Activity not working?

Hello, i wanted to bind the activity "" from the app "Google App" (Package: to a little icon which i have on my home screen. Why doesn't it work? I tried it multiple times with different objects and on different places but it always just vibrates and the activity doesn't happen (the weather tab from the Google App doesn't open like). I also tried binding an shortcut from Tasker which should do the same thing (it should open the same activity) but here again it only vibrates when i press on it and nothing else happens. But when i test run the task in Tasker the Activity opens up correctly and the Google Weather thing opens up. So i guess it has something to do with KLWP.. How do I fix this?

If its vibrating then it means the activity is not allowed to be launched by Kustom, you can click on it and then send me a debug dump from the settings at [email protected] if you want me to investigate it further but i am quite sure that there is no way to solve it.