Gmail unread counter not updating on home screen, but accurate in editor

The Gmail unread counter on my home screen is not updating when I receive new emails, but the unread count is correct in the editor. If I restart the phone, the value on the home screen updates to the correct amount but does not update further as more emails come in. I have the KUnread plugin, and I am using KLWP 3.38 so the Gmail unread fix from that update is present.


• main_screen_yesterday shows 14 unreads today,

• main_screen_today shows that the number on the main screen hasn't updated,

• editor_today shows that the value is correct in the editor today,

• kode shows the kode for the total unread count of the 4 email accounts (they're at 20, 2, 1, and 0, so it's not just getting values for one account).

See if you don't have Kunread or Klwp in Battery save mode in your phone, if yes, whitelist the apps to prevent your phone kill the process of this apps.

Thank you for the suggestion. I had already disabled battery saving mode for Kustom apps, but I had to force stop KLWP and re-apply the wallpaper for the changes to take effect. Seems to be working fine now.


Oreo 8.1 with KLWP 3.39b911019.

Have exactly the same situation with the $uc(gmail)$.
It is whitelisted in battery but once in a while it stops to show the uc but only for gmail(sms, calls and whatsapp work well).
Have tried older versions and also with the Kunread but behaviour is the same.

Restarting the phone or re-applying the wallpaper fixes it.

Any other possible workaround?