Global Variables, Lexical Scope & Data Types

I'm struggling to understand how to properly use Global Variables. I had asked a question about them on Reddit and between the help received there and my own tinkering I was able to sort myself out on one issue (global variables in a for loop).

It turns out that if your data type is a Number you cannot expect it to work as an argument in a for loop. Changing it to Text fixed my problem.

In exploring a different way to accomplish my desires (a simple list of upcoming events) I ran into a different problem - Lexical Scope being missed in Komponents.


I've attempted to replicate your method in my own way. Do you know why the lexical scope of these "komponents" is being ignored? It looks like $gv(title)$ is scoping to the first komponent child rather than its own global definition.

This is in reference to having a list of child Komponents, each one has it's own set of globals for:

  1. Their index in the parent container
  2. A calendar event title derived from that index
    $ci(title, gv(idx))$‚Äč

Frankly, both of these problems feel like bugs. If anyone can clarify how Globals are meant to be used, I'd appreciate it.

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