Global var formula stops working after 4 of 5 times

I ran into a really crazy bug. If I create a global var type number or list, then change it into formula, text based on this var it stops returning its value after 4 or 5 times. I found a workaround, but it's a bug.

Maybe you can see if Kwgt isn't in battery save mode in your phone, if yes, you need to remove the app from here to allow the app run in background.

I checked. No, it is not in battery save mode.

I see the behavior 100% repeatable on my phone.

Could you just try it on yours?

Global List variable doesn't have a hard limit.

Global Text variable have a hard limit 4 times in a formula.

There is a hidden hard limit. We can't use same global formula variables in a formula more than 4 times.