Global switch in subkomponent can only be linkt to a global color

When you put a komponent in another component and want to link the subcomponents global switch to a global switch in the main component, it doesn't work. It can only connect to a color global var in the main component.

To clear things up. (It's not linkt but linked :) ).


  • (switch) show
  • (color) black

sub-component of main-component

  • (switch) show -> select global var -> click on it and the only option available in this example would be "black" instead of "show"
  • (...) ...
  • (...) ...

did you try using a different name? i need to check but i am not sure if having the same global name on both is supported. Also, does this happen only within subkomponents? I mean main component on the root works properly?

I tried different names. You can use the same names on components, no problem.

The problem happens on root and components (sub of sub as well) I didn't test it on root till now for the test, that's why I didn't mention it before.

I confirm this issue, switch in the komponent can't be linked to the main in the root

So it happens with Switch only?

@Frank Monza: So it happens with Switch only?


Ps: I can't answer by your post (!)

Fixed in next release (3.25)