Global switch Auto formula Not Working!

Hi again!

I know you'll be fixing my previous problem soon, but here I've got another one in a different device. Please help me or correct me if it's not a bug....

Ok, I have 5 global on/off switch named q,w,e,r and t. On toggle switch "q" I've set auto on to manual, but on auto off, I've manual and formula.

Formula- $(if(gv(t)=1,1,gv(w)=1,1,gv(e)=1,1,gv(r)=1,1)$

And it works, the switch "q" toggles off if any other switch is toggled "on" and and can't be toggled "on" before switch off other keys.

But if I copy paste the exact formula by changing one "gv(x)" for the corresponding swich, it doesn't work, none of those swiches work according to the formula, the work like normal one. i.e. Auto off formula for switch "w" being $(if(gv(t)=1,1,gv(q)=1,1,gv(e)=1,1,gv(r)=1,1)$ and so on for "e" and "r" but "t" doesn't have any formula, it's just a normal switch.

Please help me with this one and previous one too because on that one too, I'm pretty sure that the problem something with globals not the big off-screen Corner shape, because when saved with some switches "on" they don't really appears on the actual wallpaper (even with some small shapes), however, it works fine in preview making me clueless what's actually happening on actually wallpaper.

I don't really know if it's because of update or new version, but it's happening right after that.

Looking for a quick help! Bye! And thank you!

Anyone there? it's even worse now. Every global switche are independent now... Please help