Global Icons

I know there is a global font that you can select, but there isn't one with a global icon. So how would I set it up so I can use different icons that are in the material set in a global list? I am trying to make it look like this...


Where "A"is the icon and when I select ">"it goes to the next icon or "<" it goes to the previous icon. Is there a way in kwgt pro?

So I figured it out and I'm going to tell you how.

I made an overlap Group, added two font icons, one for my next icon and one as my base, then in globals made a list.. ."Star, font_download”. on my base font icon put the set as material and where it would say star, i am using a formula.


Then I go to the "next"icon using ">"as the font icon. I go to the ”on touch", pick the toggle global switch, pick my list and set it to next. Go back to globals and set it to star. Click on the ">" and wouldn't you know... It works. Went from star to font_download. Congrats me, lol.

Nice solution! Yep, the problem with font icons is that there is both the "font pack" and the "font icon" itself so there is no way to have a global for it right now, but you can still use a list global and map a list to a specific set of entries. Kudos

Thank ya, Frank.