Global Groups

The idea is to have groups/folders for globals (like in Photoshop or other software with layer manipulation/organization) where we could insert all the globals from a specific topic/part of the theme (e.g.: a group with all calendar formulas, a group with all color formulas, etc.).

This would help a lot with organization, especially if we could also collapse those groups.

It would be even better if we could also lock that group. Currently if we lock a long formula, this displays the whole formula and takes a lot of visual space, locking groups would take the same amount of vertical space as a global with a description.

Folders for globals is planned but for the new UI which will take a LOOOOONG time

Take all the time you need, we'll wait. Thanks

Any update on it?

Some of the new UI is coming out slowly. Like the icon changes and the new settings menu. However, there isn't any news on when the whole thing will be out, at the moment.

An Idea for Folders to be Functional, Not Just for Visual Organization

I would very much like if the folders were similar to how Figma handles Styles. That would mean being able to have a structure like this:

> color (folder)
> primary (text)
> palette (folder)
> blue (folder)
> 100 (color)
> 200 (color)

And use a formula for Primary:
$gv("color/palette/blue/"+if(si(darkmode), 200, 700))$

Global names in formulas would be longer, sure, but we could easily switch folders whithin the formula. Would be really helpful when implementing a user-controllable color palette into a preset. Right now I need to insert all my colors into a global text and then use tc(split) or tc(reg) to get a desired color (there are many other options, but this one is the cleanest - I want to avoid having 100 color globals displayed in the list - folders would help with that significantly).

I support this idea fully. I would love to see better organization updates and more user friendly implementations so non geeks don't feel intimidated when trying to set up a theme.

If they are made this way, maybe you could export just the globals into something like a .kglb file to reuse the same global set in many presets

This is now available in 3.55