Get size of container?

Hey all! I’ve been using KLWP since 2014, but I finally got around to making an account here.

My question: Is it possible to get the size of an items’ container?

My use case: I have a horizontal stack group, containing a vertical stack group, a divider, and another vertical stack group.

The vertical stack groups can vary wildly in size, being filled dynamically from calendar events and notifications. I’d like the divider to scale vertically with the container, so it always spans the entire height.

I’m a bit behind on the current status and possibilities of KLWP, is this possible?

Thanks in advance!

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I don’t think this is currently possible. There are $si(rwidth)$ and $si(rheight)$, but those are only for the root container and not for groups.

Thanks. I guess I’ll go over to the ideas board then :slightly_smiling_face: