Function dp() not updating

Hi Frank,

I have an issue with the dp() function in the 3.31 release (not beta). For instance:

$if(dp() > dp(21h), #FF0000, #FFFFFF)$

which should change the color from white to red after 21:00, but dp() doesn't seem to update. I have to add something like:

$if (df(m) > -1 & dp() > dp(21h), #FF0000, #FFFFFF)$

in order to force the evaluation every minute, which works.

To determine the issue was with dp(), I created a text element with $dp()$ as the formula, it never updates. It shows the last time saved in the editor and that's it. Shouldn't it update to show the current time string? It will work if I use df(hh:mm:ss, dp()), which is redundant, but updates to show the current time every second or so.


Jim Okamura

Please do not do that, please use $if(df(H) > 21, #FF0000, #FFFFFF)$