Formula gives different result in KLWP than KWGT

I've just bought KLWP and have been transfering widgets built in the free version of KWGT over the last week by selecting items and using copy & paste to put them in KLWP. Everything worked fine until the 'Mobile Data' one in the attached picture.

The bottom Mobile Data is a widget; the remainder of the screen is/are KLWP wallpaper. All were live and active for the screen capture. You can see the central numbers in each of the Data circles (12mb and 117mb) are from exactly the same formula:


When I first copied the widget into KLWP it wouldn't return any data at all and just displayed 0mb. The numbers above and below worked correctly in both versions. I tried simplifying the formula by removing the rounding, setting it to 'a' instead of forcing mb, removed the size reduction but it made no difference. I deleted them and rebuilt them without solving it. A few hours later I noticed that the KLWP one was now showing data but that it didn't match the KWGT one.

This is on a Moto G5S+ with Nougat, unrooted and the KLWP 3.31b808608 downloaded from the Play store last night.

I think I've tested everything I can and I HOPE I haven't missed something really obvious. Any suggestions? Thanks.