Fonticons viewer/sorter

I have quite a bit of fonticons in my collection, its upwards of 160 sets now. It's in the THOUSANDS of individual icons. Just the Material Design set alone is over a thousand icons. Windows and a few others are up there too. My point being that if I want to find an individual icon, or a set of icons that will meet my theming needs for that particular widget/wallpaper/status bar/whatever, it's a painstaking process. Up until about a day ago I didn't know anyone else had this issue. I might have assumed so, but no one had actually voiced it. Then I saw a post on Reddits' r/androidthemes that showed me I wasn't the only one. So, I think it would be amazing if there were a way to either have a plug-in or a feature update that better catalogues the fonticons library for that user. Also be able to search by name. The iconzy plugin is a great example. Great app. If only it worked for fonticons