Fonticons appear as "?" and my wallpaper shows differently and out of place

So this happens...

This is a preset tha you created or you downloaded from the web? If is your, is new or a preset thst you created time ago?

I don't see that is out of place, I see that the fonticon aren't loaded, maybe you can reload the fonticon and see what happen.

It's this preset working well in the past? What phone you have, and you use a phone cleaner?

I created the preset, new, don't know how to reload fonticons. It worked when I installed the 1 time

Ok, you created this preset, you exported the preset in the menu(export preset)and then when you reloaded the preset in your phone, you have this problem. It's like the fonticon thst you use it's not loaded in the preset that you created. You can make a test and go to one of the icons that you use in the editor and try to put it again , and see what happen with thos icon, and export your preset with other name than the original and reload it in your phone and see if that icon is present.👍