Font Formula names


I'm having trouble using the beta action, Global Formulas, on a font Global.

I can't seem to get the names correct.

Global font as a Formula is having trouble with naming. I tried inputting "Roboto Regular", "RobotoRegular", and "Roboto_Regular", but none of them work.

It only does this with fonts that have spaces in their names; fonts such as "Material" work.

So, could you please get the font Formula names for these few?:

Roboto Regular

Roboto Thin

Roboto Slab Regular

Roboto Slab Thin

Roboto Condensed Regular

Roboto Condensed Thin

Indie Flower

Ubuntu Regular


Formulas should not be possible on Fonts, not even on Globals, this was a bug and it has been fixed in the most recent beta

Aww... It worked for some fonts...