Fold 4 does not play nice with klwp and nova

Just got the new fold device and there is a lot of glitching and just plain not working with klwp. Can use kwgt just fine. Can even set up klwp for the outside screen as well. Can't find much info on this since it's a new phone and people don't seem to have this problem on older fold devices.

Also just got the flip 4 and klwp and nova just aren't working. My wallpaper shows up sometimes but other than that its just a blank screen. Hope they fix this with the next update.

I have the fold 4, and klwp and nova work- but we need a screen sizing option for this particular device. I played with it, resizing everything, but it just doesn't work right. Would love to have my hundreds of saved themes work with my Fold

I've been messing around with it myself on the fold 4 with no success as of late. Hopefully it's gets an update as I've used it for yrs on all my phones.

yeah, I had a really fun screen static happen when I was playing with it .