Flow wont set global variable inside folder.

I've been searching this problem for 15 minutes and found no solution, maybe i didn't search far enough.

Then i tried something, i tried to set 2 text variable with flow, Text A is outside a folder and Text B is inside a folder. Both Set Global Var action i put under Formula action with "1" value, this should set both text to "1". After i trigger the flow, the result is Text A value become "1" while Text B value remain blank, this is where im very sure that this is a problem.

I know i can simply just put the text outside a folder but i want to make it tidy by putting it inside a folder. But i'll do it for now since there's no solution for it so far.

Let me know if there's a solution to this if this is not a problem and im sorry if its hard for you to understand what im saying because English is not my main language.

Yeah not working for globals in folders is rather limiting for such a cool feature :/ just looks as if it's grabbing the name and not folder in the variable name.