Flow does not appear to run from the KLWP home screen

But does inside the editor...

I have a flow that, in part, executes a shell command to get current date/time and that result is put into a global variable. That global variable is used to populate a text box. I trigger the flow manually by touch from a button in the same group of UI items. So, in theory, I should see the date/time change with each touch of the button.

But I don't. I can sense the touch happening via vibration of my phone. But the date/time are not updating.

When I do the touch within the editor, things appear to work fine. No idea why. Any hints/tips?


Next morning... For some reason this is now working. There was a phone reboot between then and now. Maybe that influenced something?

Flows are cool! Thanks

Well the problem does repeat somehow. I am not sure how/why. Perhaps a re-entrancy problem if the same flow is executed again before the 1st execution finishes? It appears that flows are very slow to run (at least the one I am building) so this could be the case. A reboot seems to "fix" this (at least for a little while).