Fitness data

Hello, on what application is the step counting of the fitness data formula based please? because I would like to create a widget with the number of steps of my Huawei Watch GT4 watch and the health application please thank you for your feedback.

The data is from Google Fit. This may, however, change in the future. You’ll have to find a way to sync your data with Google Fit for this to work. The process is different depending on the watch.

Hello, thank you for your feedback. I tested with the Google Fit application but the countdown does not take place. Do you know how I can modify the data to add a watch if possible or I have to wait for the modification? please.

Try health sync to synchronize wauhei health and google fit

Just getting started. Stuck on getting data from dexcom app to display in a widget. I would start a new topic, but 5his is related to fitness data.

Hello, thank you for your feedback but I don’t know where to go to do this please?

Hello, I synchronized the Health application with Google fit the number of steps works with Fit, but in KWGT the number of steps remains at 0. do you have an idea please? thank you for your comeback.