Find/Replace Formula Segments

It would be very useful to have a feature that would allow for searching of the presets formulas to locate and change any part/s of it in bulk, quick and simply.


in the left slide out menu, have an option called find/replace. clicking it would give you 2x text boxes "find" & "Replace". in the "find" box, type in a part of a formula (regex could be used with a tick box to activate it). in the "replace" field, you would put in the new formula or part of formula you wanted to replace the first text with. Kustom would then search through the preset for all instances of your formula segment and change it to the new one. this would then change a formula in multiple places at once, rather than having to manually search and individually change every formula. this would allow for large scale formula changes in many places within a minute or two instead of what can sometimes be several days when manually performing it. it could be used for removing parts of formulas, just by leaving the "replace" filed blank.

This would also allow for easy changing of global types if needed. i.e I may start off with a "colour global" used in my various formulas but decide to change it to a set list of colours with a "list global". all I would need to do is create my new list global, then perform a find/replace on my colour global and kustom would go and change every instance of the colour global in my formulas into the new list global I have created. Now I just need to delete the actual colour global to tidy up.

i hope you understand what i'm suggesting. Find/replace is a common feature in most code editors and allows for many use other than the 2 I posted above and would make a suitable feature for Kustom.


This is available in 3.27, select one or more objects, then select "replace" in the "3 dots" menu on top

Very handy feature! Thanks for adding it!