Filter to replace text with FontIcon

in my lock screen I add an indication to show if I have Internet or not, I used $nc(wifi)$ it shows the texts DISABLED, ENABLED, CONNECTED, in Filter I can make them Lowercase, Capitalize, it would be useful to add a filter to use a FontIcon when the status changes.

my idea was to make the Wireless FontIcon appear when I am connected to the internet, replacing the text Connected, and when I am not connected maybe have it in dark gray or 100% transparent.

if we could replace the text with FontIcons maybe we could change the Cell Signal numbers to different FontIcons like maybe show a 100% opaque white Wifi Icon when there is 4 of reception, when there is 3 of reception have as dark background the complete Wifi Icon with a layer over it of another 100% opaque white Wifi icon with just the top wave dark gray.

it would be great to replace text with FontIcons.

You can put the icon and in the paint of the icon use this code.

$if(nc(wifi)=connected, ffffffff,00ffffff)$

This are going to make your icon white when connected and transparent when no.

Change the color codes at your like.