Fading screens touch problem

In my preset I have added an extra screen in Nova Launcher as first one. I have moved everything further to the last (4th) screen direction. The screens are fading from each others. Everything was working fine before, but now, with the screen added, touch actions are working on both last two screens in the same time, even if only the actual screen's content is visible.

Maybe you can test if you add a new item with a touch action in the 4 screen with the same speed (300) have the same behaviour, maybe Klwp is mantaining the touchs in the original page(3) and in the new one(4) in the preset

No go. Is there a chance to clear the cache of the preset?

You can clear cache of the app, not the preset

Did. Did not help unfortunately.

The last I can advice you is to create a transparent shape with the size of your screen in the 3 page, add a touch action and choose Disabled, then put the items that you have in the 3 page over this shape in the root of the preset, maybe this can work.

Thank you for your effort, I will try!