Fade out image after unlock

Hi all,

Having difficulty formulating the formula to use in an animation to have an image fade out after 15s after unlocking phone to home screen.

I think that you don't need a formula, only use unlock animation, and set the delay of the animation to 150.

The unlock animation (like the visiblility animation) advance when you lock your phone to stay in position to make the animation when you unlock the phone going in reverse, because this, probably you need to use a fade in animation to make your fade work.

You need to test what is the best animation to achieve this.

The problem is the regular unlock animation feature set to 100 then fades in then directly fades out again. So the image doesn't stay on screen for any length of time.

The idea is that I get the image to fade in on screen 10s after unlock and lasting for a period of 30s then fading out again. But return again if left on home screen for more than 1 min.

Ah some playing with timers on the animation unlock worked.

Somehow delay set to 150 and duration set to 1 works.perfectly?

Yes, sure.