Fade image transition

I set the image change every 30 seconds ( $tu(rndimg, 1/2) but I would like to have a transition effect between one photo and the other.

It's possible?

Thank You

Unfortunately there is no easy way to do this except using 2 images and then fade from one to the other, so you basically overlap them than every 30 secs you fade in the first and fade out the other and so on.

I tried but the result is not satisfactory, you always see the image jump.

First image:
FX Bitmap: ( $tu(rndimg, 1/2)

Animation: Loop - Fade OUT - Normal - Duration 300 - Amount 100 - Delay 0

Second image:
FX BITMAP: ( $tu(rndimg, 1/2)

Animation: Loop - Fade IN - Normal - Duration 300 - Amount 100 - Delay 0

How can I fix the script?

You need to add a delay of 150 to one of the 2, this should make them async

No way.
You see the jumping of the image without fading and then the two images with fade.