Expose the Event's Acceptance state on Calendar Information method

For the "ci" method, it would be helpful for it to have a way to expose the state of the event.
Context: I have an ex wife who I have children with, so that means we often invite each other to events on our own calendars for kids' events.
Google calendar API stuff:
* If someone invites you to a calendar event, your attendance in the Google calendar API returns your state as "tentative" but still lists it in your calendar (visually cued by being an outline instead of a solid color).
* If you decline the event, the event would be removed from your calendar, but the state would then be "declined" if you queried that event from the Google Calendar API.
* If you accept or create the event on your own calendar, the state is "accepted".
KWGT: the "calendar information" method (`ci`) doesn't have a way to access the calendar event state from any of the returned data points.