Export saves to internal memory and not external SD card

I've searched but can't seem to find anything on this topic. Maybe I'm doing something wrong but I can't figure out what.

I'm familiar with the basics. I've been editing presets and following web tutorials when I get the time. I was using KLWP and KWGT on a galaxy S5 and recently moved to a S7. I don't recall having this problem on the S5. I want to save all my edited presets to my external memory card. When I try to load a preset and look at the Exported section I see my edited presets with the "SD Card" icon but they are NOT on my SD card. They are located in the internal memory > KUSTOM > WALLPAPERS. When I export my presets the Output Folder defaults to wallpapers and it will not let me change the file path. I have uninstalled the app, reformatted the SD Card and reinstalled the app. I have confirmed KLWP has the storage app permission.

Help. I've attached two screen shots.

Kustom uses Android API call getExternalStorageDir() to place its file, unfortunately it looks like that in your device is returning the internal memory since you probably have a virtual SD card mounted in /sdcard and the real one is mounted somewhere else. There is nothing i can do to fix this other than allowing the user to select the directory where files are stored, you can ask for this in the ideas forum or vote for the idea if already there.

I have the same issue on my S7. AFAICT without root there is no /sdcard, my SD card is mounted as /storage/8A3A-2789 and doesn't seem to be virtual. But be that as it may I would like the option to put my files where I want them so I will request that.