Export preset or Komp issue

KWGT (Pro) 3.70B303215
Galaxy S23+

Since I use my new S23+, I get an issue exporting an existing KWGT preset or a Komp :
load a preset (or a Komp)
edit it
and then I export the preset (or Komp)
As usually the exported preset should overwrite the previous one.
But, occasionally, this is not true, KWGT makes a new copy of the object with the
progressive suffix (1) (2) and so on (see attached).
Fortunately this does not occur every time.
Many thanks (I'm sorry for my poor English).

[email protected]

This is fixed in 3.71, the issue is caused by Kustom caching the folder content to speed up the listing so if you create a new file name then you need to exit the app and enter again to avoid creating duplicates, upgrade manually to 3.71 if this is too annoying

Thanks for reporting