Example display and hide buttons

Would it be possible to have an example to display and hide buttons (* .bmp) as on the image for KWGT ?
Please, that would be really nice.

Maybe this video tutorial from Brandon Craft can help you


Thanks for the video link
I just watch the video and so it is possible but under KLWP and not in Widget KWGT if I understood because I can not find the same command.
After I do not understand English so a little more difficult.
Otherwise I'm here:


To hide buttons in Kwgt you need to put the buttons inside an overlap group and try to use the visibility of the layer of the Overlap group, I put this videos because is a good option, you need to figure out how to make this work in Kwgt, like I said using the visibility of the layer


here you need to use the formulas to make the Overlaps group visible (always, never)

Well, I can not get out of poor little buttons ...
It's so much easier to learn by disassembling :)
I do not understand what he says and just looking at it I do not have enough information: S


I tested everything ....
I'm done but impossible that it works.
I searched everywhere on the internet and I did not see a single KWGT Widget with this function to try to help me.
Would a charitable soul be ready to help me for this little piece of code?
Promised after I will not ask for anything, besides I think it will not help me.

Test this and see if is what you want


Perfect is exactly what I needed as an example. Thank you very much for your help once again.