Hello , i just buy a new phone (Huawei mate 10 lite) ans i tried to use klwp for the first time.

So nothing is working ,when i just want to put a clock on a screen half of the time, the time wont change. when i use multiple screen nothing will appear or if i have a image (just 1 not all i wanted) ,it wont scroll . I put a large fixe image on nova and i can scroll but when i switch back nothing ...

Any idea ?

For the clock not updating,look if Klwp is not in the battery optimization in your phone, the second ,you have in questions section one post on how to apply live wallpapers in Huawei phones. It's like you need to go in the wallpapers of the stock launcher and you have in the bottom right the option(an icon) to make scroll wallpapers.

First , thank for the reply !

For the live wallpaper thing, i don't understand what i need to do ... is there any screenshot ?

Because if it's the standar launcher ( the huawei ) i don't found the icon and if it's the EMUI (like the FAQ say) it's wasn't standard .I installed it then tried to active the scrolling in the option but unlike nova wallpaper doesn't scroll ...

Hey Antoine I recommend you to go to the G+ Kustom Official page and I remember days ago a user put the same question and there in the post you have screenshots with the procedure to see how to set the scroll wallpaper , if you want you can search in the Kustom Official or make a question.👍


I put the link to the G+ post ,look if this can help you