Events in the wrong order

My agenda works well 98℅ of the time. But all day events get treated like GMT instead of my local time zone(MST currently) and end/disappear early as well as appear before late night events like you can see on the attached picture.

Are you on latest release? Are those events created in Google Calendar or synced by an external source?

I am on the latest version and they were all created in Google calendar

i have the same problem as well!

For clarification, they were created online using Google calendar and synced to the phone using Google calendar, but I do not use any other calendar or synching app.

Has this been resolved or will All Day events always be GMT and show up a day early?

I also would like for events to be updated to my local time vs GMT. eg I have a holiday calendar (all day event) added to my google calendar, but they are East Asia holidays, so it shows up mixed in with my time zone, a day before it happens