Event always, remove formula

Does anyone know a formula to only show today’s calendar events and then remove when there isn’t any for that day? I’m trying to make a komponant but I’ve tried every formula I can think of and it either always shows no matter what or the opposite.

i guess this similar :

$lv(“dura”, tf(ci(end, 0, a0d)-ci(start, 0, a0f), M))$ $lv(“str”,tf(ci(start, 0, a0f),M))$
$if(#dura+#str<0 | #dura+#str>#dura, REMOVE, ALWAYS)$

core formula at tf(), you need check/get event it self by numeric, then you can set any formula with the final result of tf().**

**just my own method, maybe you can found better method from pro user here.


I use a Stack group with a text item with the following formula in as many items as you wish:

• $if((ci(allday, 0)=1),df(EEE dd MMM,ci(start,0))+“: “+ci(title, 0),df(EEE dd MMM, ci(start,0))+ " @”+df( hh:mm, ci(start, 0))+” - “+df(hh:mm, ci(end, 0))+” "+ci(title, 0))$

This will show the first upcoming event in your calendar (either all day or timed) and display with the date or the start and end time.

If you change all the 0’s to 1,2,3, etc it will show as many items in your calendar as you wish. And you can set Visibility for the Layer or Overlap group if the first formula is or isn’t “”.