Error: source file not readable

Tried downloading a Weather Komponent and I get the above error when trying to load it via a preset (going to the "+", through the folder icon etc.).

Here is the Komp file (

How can I avoid this error?

Copy the file to

Kustom>Komponents folder in your phone.

Probably this solve the problem

That's where it is to begin with

If is not working, I don't know what happens😁 I downloaded it and works well

It doesn't. Same problem. I deleted the app's cache+storage. Tried again and the same thing. There are multiple reports on this forum for the exact same problem. What else can I try?

Download the komponent in a browser(chrome or whatever) not from an app like G+ for example.

Go to the page in G+ (for example) in your browser and download it from the browser. I think this can work.

That worked! How come it's different then copying the file directly from Windows into the phone via a data cable?

You can copy from your computer via wifi or cable. The problem is with the apps like G+ that you can't copy a Kustom file well.

If you share files frequently with your phone and computer, you can use Telegram the app, you have a contact named " messages saved" where you can share files or whatever uploading to this contact and downloading in other phone or computer.