Error: Source file not readable

I bought the app about a week ago and I'm loving it. I downloaded some presets, specifically Beautiful Apocalypse for KLWP and NEXT for KLWP by John-Ivar Styles. I modified them very slightly just so that they use apps of my choice and they save to "/sdcard/Kustom/wallpapers" as ".klwp" files. However when I try to load them I get "Error: Source file not readable" regardless of if "Read Only" was checked or not. I was wondering if this was a known issue or if there was a workaround that I can use? It gets annoying when you have to change all the apps every time you change a theme.

Thanks in advance,


This should not happen, how did you modified them? Did you open the zip and rezip it? Is the file still a valid zip file (even if it doesnt have a zip extension its still a zip file)

I modified them through the app itself. It was essentially just resizing a few things and changing shortcuts to point to the right apps, nothing else.