Enhancements to editor on kustom rocks posts


The kustom rocks post editor needs an upgrade.

I am all for being able to request features, and having some flexibility in what the posts can contain, but the current implementation is not very intuitive. Here is what I mean.

1. No way to copy paste text in the editor

I found this strange, part of editing a post is experiencing trial and error. I find myself having to write a detailed post somewhere else, use split screen, and manually rewrite it on the kustom rocks site.

Enhancement : Allow copying and pasting in editor

2. No way to autosave drafts of posts

Another one that causes me frustration is when I am ready to complete a post, but I have a poor connection. If I exit the browser for whatever reason, I lose all of my progress.

Enhancement : Add draft feature to come back to work

3. Dated UI in editor

Since all of my frustrations with the editor happen before I post something, I have not been able to test the post editor's other features. From what I see though, I think it is kind of clunky, especially on smaller phones. There should be some serious thought about making the editor more modern, as well as making it play nicely on smaller screens.

Enhancement : Consider updating the editor UI

I hope this can be done because this site is very simple otherwise.