"En instalado" ahora no me aparecen los presets de todas las aplicaciones instaladas


This usually happens when some optimization app is trying to block the skin packages to provide files to Kustom, to fix this you need to whitelist the skin packs from any of those apps. For example Purify and Greenify are known to cause this issue and you need to specifically disable what they call "deep hibernation" to solve this. On Samsung the tool called Smart Management has also been reported to cause problems. This happens ONLY on skin packs that do not have a dashboard associated (so a real app that can be launched from the launcher). Unfortunately this cannot be fixed on my end.

Thank you Frank Monza, I just solved it .... in my case (Huawei P9) the form is ..... Phone manager / automatic start / Secondary activation management / activate desired apk


Thanks!! You can also test latest beta at http://kustom.rocks/klwp/apk i might have found a workaround

Ok, descargada!!

Gracias nuevamente..... Siga con el buen trabajo