Email total unread count

Hi, recently i started using kustom and i have to say it is amazing. I have a problem figuring out how to get a total number of unread messages on all emails, i have 4 and i use the gmail app. Any help would be awesome! Keep up the great work and thank you.

Hi! So in order to read GMail counters you need to use the UC function, the problem is that by default the UC function will just give you the unread count of the first GMail account you have, there is no way currently to give you the unread amount of ALL your gmail accounts together.

You can still get the unread count for a specific account by using the forth parameter to the function using a syntax like:

$uc(gmail, updates, count, foo)$

In the example you get GMail count for "foo" gmail account on Updates folder.

This however requires a "label" so that will give you just a specific label count not all mails count.

If you need something that is not currently available feel free to create an IDEA request, i am usually implementing them based on votes count.

Thank you :)