Elements don't scroll in sync with Nova

I'm trying to simulate how a normal widget works.

I placed some text widgets, and set their animation with the BgScroll trigger and the scroll inverted action.

It works nicely, but the text doesn't slide out entirely out of view when I move from my central screen in Nova, so I can still see it partially on other screens. Ideally I'd want it to move in sync with Nova's icons, which fill like it should be a simple option.

Is there a simple solution I'm missing?


You need to tune the "speed" parameter in the scroll animation to match those. Unfortunately there is no currently any easy way to exactly match the speed of a screen swipe so you will need to tune that manually.

Thank you very much!
I actually missed a whole set of animation parameters which I didn't notice since the phone was in vertical orientation and they were hidden. With the animation speed it was indeed quite easy to solve the problem.