Duplicating presets after exporting

I have had this issue of exports duplicating for well over 12 months and it still keeps happening with every update. If anything it gets worse.

Are you on 3.73 or 3.74? This should not happen. If it happens can you please confirm weather this occurs only when you export a NEW preset and then export it again? In this case exiting the app by terminating it and coming back after first export does fix the problem?

I’m using 3.73 and the duplicate issue has been constant since then. I reported it to you before.
Every time I create a new preset it won’t even record the new preset details. Then I have to export again, then details are saved. When I add more items and export it,
it adds another file. Exiting, restarting & clearing cache etc doesn’t make one bit of difference.
Google 6 pro android 13

I just opened an older preset and exported it and it created a duplicate file.

Ok, thanks, is Kustom storage pointing to standard storage like the emulated sdcard or to Google Drive or something else? This happens when Android storage subsystem is not able to provide a write handler to the old file for some reason

No, just kustom.
Before 3.73 it used to just fix itself after a couple of days. Now it’s all the time.

I think I worked out why it kept replicating.
It was the titles being in uppercase and I have the same preset titles in lowercase. “GVH1” vs “gvh1” etc
I used a different title “sep22023” and export is fine.

This was super important apparently some path is case sensitive under the new API, thanks! Should be fixed on the next release (3.74), build not out yet.

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