Don't have an animation tab

Can you show me exactly how to get to the animation tab?

swipe left. I think it's right next to Globals (globals is not the last part)

EDIT: Just realised, I'm using KWGT, the animations are in KWLP, right? Oops

Hi. I can't see the Animation tab either. After Globals, I just have shortcuts and touch.

I'm using v3.22b700407. Is it only in the Pro version maybe?

Nope, think not, but your items must be in root. It doesn't work with items in group

I have the same issue, it's a bug or something?

I put my elements in root, but it doesn't work.

Please, help!

Where is the upper part of the screenshot? Is it a child object? Only works on items in the root folder.

I'm using the latest 3.48 version in kwgt and experience the same thing. What's happening????

no, mine didn't have one. and it's also in the root folder.

I had the same question. I believe we were both using the wrong app. Try downloading KLWP instead of KWGT. KWGT does not appear to have an animation section.