Do Tasker vars work for someone? KWGT

Am i the only one for who getting tasker varibale to the watch does not work?

In the editor on my phone it works fine. But my watch just refuses to show the tasker values. Tasker is running i use the values in other apps too.

$br(tasker, price2)$ hello, price2 holds value 320

In the editor shows “320 hello”, on watch it only shows “hello”

I have sync global var and data sync mode to always.

What can i try to get them to show up?

Galaxy watch 4

You are referring to KWCH and not KWGT, correct? Also, can you try the latest beta and see if that makes a difference?

Yes i meant KWCH.

The app you referenced v 3.76 installed on my phone. But it does now want to install on my watch. It will install 0.01b410013 verson but then my phone kwch will not pair with my watch so i can not send the new watch face.

I’m also struggling getting this to work. I believe it’s a bug in Kwch that isn’t sending the Tasker variable from phone to watch. Hoping this will get fixed soon and cure my OCD.

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Thanks for replying. Good to know it is not just me. I really hope the next version works! Either tasker or webget.

Okey i have good news!

after installing the latest [beta ] (KWCH | Kustom HQ) on my phone manually. Trying to install the new software on your watch will result in a failed pairing. after it did not work i uninstalled the 3.76 version 3.76b418415. Then from the playstore install the current 3.75b410013 and on the watch 0.01b410013

For some reason the tasker vars show up on my watch now. It works!
Not sure if that fixed something but that is what i did.
Hope someone else will be helped by this

Now that i have tasker vars i bought KWCH Pro!. Yess finally