df(mm) minor issue..

df(mm) minutes padding zero is lost when as (if) output combined with text "" +

$if(1, df(mm, ci(start, 0)))$

00 << works fine as output of 'if'

$if(1, "" + df(mm, ci(start, 0)))$

0 << add additional text, it drops zero padding

$if(1, "" + df(mma, ci(start, 0)))$

00PM << add AM/PM and it works again

* For simplicity, I did remove the proper 'if' condition and "text" between quotes, but it's the same;

This is not a bug, when you do "" + 05 Kustom interprets it as a mathematical expression thus printing 5 as a result while if you do "" + 05AM its interpreted as a string concatenation and then results in again 05AM