df(F) do not work

If I put $df(F, dp(2017y1M2d))$ this transforms into 4 instead of 1, why?

Same with:

$df(F, dp(2017y1M8d))$ = 4...

$df(F, dp(2017y1M9d))$ = 3...

This is an example of df(F) function in January of 2017... it's a bug or I don't understand it...

You should not use $df(F, dp(2017y1M9d))$, using this $df(F, 2017y1M9d)$ instead is more efficient. Anyway, this was a bug, fixed in next release, thanks for reporting.

This function is not fixed... today 26/12/2016, if I use df(F) it's gave me 4 instead of 5... and is not working well... I choose the week starts in monday and df(F) don't give to me the correct number of week...

Fixed in next build (for good)

Hi, Frank.

I'm using new build.

Today, $df(F, 2017y1M9d)$ displayed "-49" XD

This problem is only in January.

Sorry, please fix again.