Detailed location query

I'm new to this app so I'm by no means an expert. I'm working on a normal weather widget, which shows the basic information (conditions, location, temp etc). I live in London and wherever I am in London, it will always state the location as 'London' (not Camden, Hammersmith, Hackney etc). London is a huge city so it would be great to set a more detailed location. I know that you can change the formula to show the post code or admin area but I can't see that I can change the current location to show a more detailed (accurate) location. I assume that this should be possible as some weather apps show a different location rather than just 'London' for everything. Any ideas? Many thanks.

Unfortunately i had to provide a general solution and i understand its not optimal, there is currently no way to provide the "sublocality" the real reason is that its not filled most of the times, also i can not change the "locality" meaning because that would cause issues to people who instead want to read "London", if you open an ideas request at asking to add a sublocality option and get a few votes i will add it asap.

Thanks for your quick reply. I will open an ideas request and see if there's an interest for it amongst other users. By the way, I think this is a great and impressive app. I've already given it five stars and I've bought the Pro version. Keep up the good work.