default design screen doesn't fit S8+

So now that I have upgraded to an S8+ and am trying to get KLWP themes working on my phone I have noticed that the design screen doesn't directly match the applied wallpaper. It seems to be quite a bit smaller. Having used KLWP on about 6 different devices this is the first time I have seen this. Any suggestions?

Hi! Not sure i understand the issue, so, Kustom bases its sizing on the "smaller side" of your device, so the width in your case, so a "kustom point" is usually width / 720, anything "720 kustom points" wide should use your entire screen width. Then off course screens have different aspect ratios, and that might cause issues if preset is not done correctly.

If instead is the background itself then we might have a problem.

Hey Frank, I just posted about this issue here;

The issue is not with the width, but the height, due the to s8 (like the LG G6) having an 18:9 ratio.

This means that where an item is placed in the KLWP editing screen is different to where it ends up in the home screen (vertically).

Sorry about duplicating the issue. OP used different language to describe it so it didn't show in any of my searches.