Dark Sky Subscription

I seem to be confused concerning the subscription to Dark Sky (forecast.io). When I open the Dark Sky app, NOT Klwp, I have an information txt to upgrade to PREMIUM for $2.99 a year. Is my subscription for $4.99 not PREMIUM? What is the $4.99 sub. for? Is this what they are charging KLWP to use their services? Looking for some clarification, not complaining or b*tchin', just not understanding. Appreciate any info, thanks.

I think that you are right that the Klwp subscription is for Dark Sky service in Klwp only, don't include the app from Dark Sky. Maybe you can ask in Dark Sky, and they give a most accurate answer.

Thank you for the response, I have contacted DS regarding this. They said they ar not not apart of Klwp, (well I knew that). I would need to check with the dev on Klwp. Seems like I just can't get a straight answer. DOES DARK SKY CHARGE KLWP (KUSTOM) TO USE THEIR SERVICE? So we can use the api. Also why would this cost not include the premium tier. Thanks.


Yes you can can contact the dev to have the question more clear. What I can say is Dark Sky charge Klwp for their service, like made Weather Underground in the past and Accu Weather now too where you need a paid subscription. The api from Dark Sky is free, you can create an account and parse the information with the wg codes. But you can't use this free api in the Klwp like other provider.

Thanks Nelson, I think that answers my question, So.... Klwp sub. is to use, KLWP service, and the Dark sky premium sub. is for THEIR app? Thank you again for the feedback, appreciate it.