Dark mode

Whenever I turn on my dark mode, KWGT widgets turn black (from white). My widgets aren't customized for its color to be reversed, i.e., text: white to black, shadow: black to white. I wish KWGT would detect how these colors functions and adapt accordingly. As an alternative (or in addition to what's above), there should also be a button that prevents a widget and/or specific layers within a widget to adapt to dark mode, i.e., optional dark mode per layer or per widget.

I got the same problem. Can't turn on my dark mode because my widget text gets black. Did you find a solution for that? I tried creating a new conditional structure (make it white if dark mode is on) but it didn't work :/

Since newest I've got the same problem. Poor that here doesn't come any answer how to solve that


Im currently using Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro with Nova Launcher, to fix the inverted color problem, I could easily turn off Dark Mode individually to Nova Launcher and KWGT.

It could be accessed through: Settings > Display > Dark Mode > More Dark mode options

Same with me. What I found out so far: transparent background under 29% opacity makes every white item black. When I set it to #4B000000 or higher (4C...FF), it works perfectly. Would be nice, if the app would not care about opacity/transparency of the background, but only the last 6 digits which stand for the chosen color itself. Or even better a choice if you want to have all your chosen colors changed automatically in the first place.