Cycle through dynamic list global


I'm trying to create an RSS feed in my live wallpaper. As I haven't decided which feeds I want yet, I'd like to dynamically grab them from a JSON file so that if I want to add or remove feeds, I can just change the JSON contents.

The primary problem I'm encountering is that I don't seem to be able to dynamically populate a list global with either URLs or a number which I can correlate to the URL's position within a JSON array.

I've tried setting my list value to be $wg(myjsonpath, json, "")$ both as the value when I'm prompted to enter a list and as the value for the list as a formula from the settings icon. This always fetches the zeroth item from my JSON array, but when I set up the trigger to go to the next/previous list value, the value doesn't change. The same thing happens if I set up a global called "numlinks" or something to that effect, being a number of URLs I've got in an array, and then dynamically generate the list using something like $fl(0,gv(numlinks)-1, "i+1", ",")$ to generate the list "0,1,2...numlinks-1". Again, the first value shows up, but trying to increment/decrement the value has no effect.

I've just seen this issue which suggests that this was not possible in the past but this issue makes it sound like it is possible but that the user in question was doing it incorrectly. Could you please clarify?

Thanks for your help in advance

Maybe this can help you with the touch next/previous

Go to your touchs and set the touch to one of the numbers,now touch in the icon to make the action perform, now return to the touch editor and set the touch to next or previous, this can solve the problem of the touch don't changing.

Here you have tutorials from Brandon Craft for rss feeds, maybe this can help you

Hi, thanks for replying.

Unfortunately that's exactly what I did. Interacting with an object tagged with touch properties to go to the next list element gives me haptic feedback indicating that the action was performed but the list element doesn't change.

I have mostly been following Brandoncraft's tutorials but every one I've seen has him defining the list global manually, not using a formula. Admittedly I was skimming them as I was at work, so if you know of one where he defines a list global using a formula then please link it and I'll give it a go.

To be honest I don't use this type of global lists and your work is out of my knowledge. What you can make is post this same question to +Brandon Craft in the Kustom Official page in G+, you can explain that you used his tutorials and what you are changing, he is a very helpful dude, and probably he can answer your question. You can tag him as +Brandon Craft.👍

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