Custom fonticon pack is always empty.

I wanted to add some custom fonticons for my widgets and followed the exact steps from this post.

But whatever I do the pack is always empty. Could I be doing something wrong?

How are you creating the icons? They have to be . SVG format then uploaded to icomoon app, which will archive them (.zip) for you to download then extract and copy the .TTF and a renamed .JSON to the icon subfolder of your kustom directory. Converting Png files into vector SVG’s with an online converter tool gave me mixed results… Some just came out as solid squares. So I started using Vector Asset Creator app from playstore to draw my icons and then export them to my internal storage and upload them to Icomoon. I haven’t had any problems since I started doing it that way. My Fonticon pack hasaround 1100 icons in it now. Lmk and I can send you a link to it or just visit my profile here, it’s featured there.