Custom animations

Can you add animations to the opening of apps using touch actions in KLWP? Options for animations different than the system animations which it currently uses?

You don't have that option in Klwp because Klwp don't have access to the system animations, when you create a touch action it's like you create a shortcut, this only can open the app, with the system animation. I'm going to vote your idea, it's a good one, but by the way that Klwp works it's very difficult that he can implement this.

Well. I contacted the device he said it's possible to make so I decided to try to popularize the idea. Maybe he could make it override the system animation.I don't know. Just thought to try to get a lot of votes so he can complete the idea. I mean I don't know if it's possible he said it was so that's why I posted it:).

Good sir!!! What you can make is post a link to this in the Kustom Official page in G+(I think that you make a question today for this??👍) with the description of the idea. Like you said the most votes, more options that the idea are going to be implemented.

Yup posted it on G+ and on the subreddit;)