Current temperatures problems


Weather Underground wi(temp), wi(flik), wi(wchill) shows wrong temperature readings. For ex. If min max temps for a day are 5 to 16 degs of Celaius the wi temps shows incorrect 26 and this values are fixed during whole day. When I remove whole klwp wallpaper, import another, restart the phone import mine the temps are OK but next day the fixed incorrect temperatures are back.

You have your weather actualization every how many time in the configuration of Klwp?

The temperatures for a day is forecast, the wi temp is the real temp for this time (you are right that this is a huge difference😀), you can corroborate the temps in the Wunderground page in internet for your location,and see if are differences with the Klwp temps. You can make a manual actualization in the configuration of Klwp(Force actualization). But is weird that if you have set a for example every 1 hour actualization of the weather, the temp is stuck for the entire day.

Actualization is set to every 30 minutes. I checked the mentioned pages and location is correct buit temperatures different. Also I cleared the temps and nothing helps. Only what help for few hours is load another wallpaper clear the temps then restart and load again the wallpaper back. Then these temperatures are ok for a short time then next day on the morning the wrong temperatures are back and the strange thing is that always the same values: wi(temp)=26, wi(flik)=25 and wi(wchill)=28 min max wf(...) are ok for current day and changes correctly at the moment 5-17 degs of celsius but the wi() values are still same wi(temp)/wi(flik)/wi(wchill) 26/25/28 I tried also forced manual weather update, set locations everything went fine and downloaded but the wi values are the same.

This is really weird,I use WU in my Klwp and it's work perfect. Maybe you can clear cache in your Klwp app in your settings and see if this solve your problem. I recomend you to post your problem in the G+ Kustom Official page, here you have more users and moderators that can help you best.👍

to clear cache for klwp and also the weather app dos not solved the problem. wu? this is not in the collection just wi and wf

Excuse me I'm not very clear WeatherUnderground WU. You can make a screenshot of the codes in your preset for the wi temperature?

Probably this is a problem with WeatherUnderground temps parsed in your location by the api used by Klwp, I have in the past Temps like 1,79865284 that are wrong, it's repair by itself in two or three days.