Currency Data

Hi all,

I want to get updated currency rates of USD to INR and EURO to INR on my wallpaper.

Can anyone help with this?

not at all versed with Tasker, though I do have the paid version.

I have been using KLWP for sometime Love it!!

But would need help with formulae etc as I have not programmed anything this complex.

Or is there a pre exisiting Komponent I can modify?

I currently read the data on my laptop from

so if possible would love to maintain the same site for data.

Appreciate any help.

Thanks in advance


I m basic learner but below worked

However I didn't try it on land with good internet connections..Should work good there

Full KWGT code

  "clip_version": 1,
  "clip_cut": [],
  "clip_modules": [
      "internal_type": "CurvedTextModule",
      "text_family": "kfile://org.kustom.provider/fonts/RobotoSlab-Bold.ttf",
      "text_size": 86.0,
      "text_expression": "$tc(cut(wg(\\"

For euro you may have to google for XML related to euro